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Battlefield 4 Patch!

Did absolutely nothing to any of the problems I was having with the game…

Still crashes
Graphics still load poorly
Flags now spaz out
Sound now spazes out
And no fucking squad system still

Battlefield 4

Should be named “Joining A Server 2013: Broken Game Edition”

No EA/Dice, please take your time to release a patch to fix all the fucking problems with a game that, out of faith for the Battlefield franchise, I decided to pre-order and pick up on launch day.

You have hundreds of people, at least, who worked on this game for a long fucking time. And this is the end result of all those man hours and millions of dollars spent in development?

I can make a better working FLASH GAME in SIX MONTHS!

By myself!

For free!

And who decided that not including the squad system was a good idea? Seriously, who?! Because they should be fucking fired.

Medal of Humor

Finally got around to playing Medal of Honor. Beat the singleplayer campaign in about 4.5 hours.

Went to play multiplayer… This is a game about Americans fighting terrorists like Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

I went to create an EA account. And what was the first country-of-origin I could select?


Corporate Gaming WTF

I can’t help but think it’s seriously ridiculous that a game could sell between 2 and 6 million copies and still not be considered a success.

If you sell 2 million copies of a game and that doesnt at least cover the cost to make the damn thing, then I think whoever is in charge of your budgeting should get fired.

Maybe if they spent less on fancy graphics, their profit margins would increase. But they can’t do that now. All those idiotic youngsters who they apparently use focus groups on wouldn’t like that. The same youngsters who think Call of Duty is an amazing franchise.

I’ve played Call of Duty since it first came out many years ago. Modern Warfare was probably the last real good game in the franchise. But maybe that’s just nostalgia talking.